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owner, maker, illustrator, teacher

Born in 1985, Boston, Massachusetts, I grew up with art and craft from an early age.  My parents both painters, always encouraged and fostered a sense of creativity.  Whether it was various open studios and galleries of theirs or friends, work around the home on display or museums there a constant presence.

A friend and I took a pottery class in college together; it was like a switch turned back on.  While my mom seemed to believe I would be more of a carpenter, I was drawn to clay.  After much deliberation I quickly changed my major from history and politics to ceramics.  After college I worked at various teaching jobs and a tile company in Chicago, Iowa and Washington State. I feel much of my education came from teaching others.

I started my studio in Tacoma, Washington by doing festivals and craft shows around town.  It drew me the production side of pottery.  I have relocated my studio to Colorado Springs, CO.  I am grateful for the love and opportunity given to me so that I can continue to work and grow artistically.

I currently make functional, colorful and playful home goods.  Many of my pots bring in the joy and comforts of animals, allowing me to explore the relationship between drawing, color and the three dimensional form.

For the most a part, pieces are thrown on a pottery wheel, once they are leatherhard excess clay is removed and a foot carved into them. At this same stage, they are decorated with a underglaze and wax resist. She uses a process called mishima to reinsert the original line drawing. They are allowed to dry completely and are fired in an electric kiln to 1830 degrees. A majority of the glazes are custom made using a variety of Mason Stains and various recipes (that are modifed). The pieces are glazed and refired for a second time. All pieces are food safe and meant to be used and enjoyed.  The mission is to brighten homes all over the world with beautiful yet durable every-day porcelain products.