set of 3 possum tumblers (with gold luster)

set of 3 possum tumblers (with gold luster)

Perhaps the most famous characteristic of the opossum is its tendency to play dead in front of predators. When the animal experiences intense fear in the face of danger, it seizes up and flops to the ground where it can remain for hours staring blankly ahead and sticking out its tongue. It’s an impressive defensive mechanism, but its effectiveness can’t be chalked up to the possum’s acting skills. Possums have no control over when they play dead or for how long they do it: The comatose-like state is an involuntary reaction triggered by stress.


Wheel Thrown tumblers, each holding 6 oz at capacity.


Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended due to the gold luster that is fired on.  Not microwave safe.



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